While I understand its necessity, the security I’ve encountered in my less than 24 hours here has been a bit unsettling. Young soldiers with machine guns slung on their backs patrol the city streets, the hotel I stayed in last night only had one entrance that you had to be physically let in through, and the shuttle I took to pick-up Becky (here) at the airport got stopped and searched at the entrance by another machine gun wielding soldier. If it weren’t for these things, I reckon Tel Aviv would seem much like most other cities, but with these things it takes on a whole new feel. Tension — don’t forget where we are, everyone, here’s a man with a machine gun to remind us all.

I’m waiting at the airport for Becky’s flight to arrive in about 45 minutes or so. I desperately need a cup of coffee — jetlag is taking its toll on my internal clock.

I like it here, by the way… I like it a lot.

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