Happy birthday to me.

Ten more minutes in my twenties — ten minutes until I’m thirty years old. Hmm…

Nine minutes now. Even while assuming that nothing more of note will happen in the next eight (now) minutes, twenty-nine was an eventful year. Those of you who I know probably know much of what went on, and those of you who just know me from this blog only know that I moved to Korea this year. Either way it seems eventful, although the former more than the latter.

Five more minutes — that last paragraph took some time. A year ago I was beginning to stagnate, the unemployment had started rolling in and I was beginning to spend far too much time sleeping (if one can). Tomorrow, on my thirtieth birthday, I have to get up and go teach Korean children how to speak English all day.

Two more minutes — I am apparently a slower writer than I realized. This is the exactly right place for me to be turning thirty, I have very little doubt about this. I’ve gotten away from the things that were keeping me captive and I’m finally living my life, instead of just allowing it to occur.

I’ve been thirty for four minutes now — I thought too much, and the moment passed before I realized. If I hurry I could grab a flight to the States just in time to be in my twenties for five more minutes, but I don’t much want to. My thirties are going pretty well so far.

Happy birthday to me.

6 comments to Happy birthday to me.

  • a secret

    It is your Birthday. You are very cute and very funny. I like your website. I think you must be very special. I have a crush on you.

  • Karla

    Happy Birthday!!

  • sarah

    happy birthday jef!! pretty funny how you and mike, who used to have your birthday parties together, are now on opposite sides of the globe from home…we must smell. sorry bout that.

  • Kirst

    Happy Birthday Jef! We’ll drink one to honor your 30th! Wow, if you would have told me as an 8-year-old back at Beck Center that I’d be wishing you a happy 30th over in Korea – I wouldn’t have believed it! Look for a package from us in the mail in a few weeks…..much love…..

  • sarah again

    Saengirul chukkahamnido!

  • Rach

    Hey Old Man, Happy Birthday! Just remeber you’re still one of the kids. Love, The littlest one

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