dee valley of you

My thirtieth birthday was just as surreal and remarkable as having a thirtieth birthday in South Korea should be. The whole day at school was a big party for me, starting with the kindergartners, who sang Happy Birthday to me in English and Korean, and ending with the primary school students, who sang Happy Birthday to me in English and Korean. We had cake, oranges, choco-pies (Korean version of the Ho-Ho, but disk-shaped), kim bap (sushi-like rolls, but with ham and vegetables instead of raw fish), balloons, and lots of Korean birthday games. I also got presents from many of my students, including:

-five scented & multicolored pens
-three pairs of socks
-two scented candles
-one unscented pen
-a package of rice cakes (filled with red bean paste)
-a desk set (with a pen, pencil, eraser, clips, etc…)
-a card that reads: “I do hope that music of a creek from me will echo in dee valley of you.”, and plays Beethoven’s Fur Elise when opened
-a pair of very long blue jeans

One of the presents was wrapped in paper that reads: “Bob’s honesty and unpretentiousness are what make him so popular.”

Wanna see pictures? Click here, or down a bit and to the left. There’s more festivities scheduled for the weekend, so more pictures will be added as they become available.

5 comments to dee valley of you

  • sounds like you had a hootenanny despite your global position. good fer you. it’ll be my turn for the big demographic change in a few weeks. mail me a few korean kids so they can give me bags of unpronounceable food and ill fitting clothing.

  • Karla

    Glad you had a good birthday. Three cheers for surreal! I’m glad you got a nice school too. Mine totally ignored my birthday, and even when we gathered in the auditorium at the end of September to celebrate all the birthdays that month, they didn’t acknowledge me whatsoever. That’s why I put itching powder in all their shoes.

  • Krys

    Hey – sounds like one awesome 30th birthday. Personally, I spent my 30th in Taiwan with Allison, so I understand the need to travel to the other side of the world to fully appreciate it (the birthday, not the other side of the world). I was readng the comments – someone has a crush on you! You lucky boy! Enjoy!

  • Sounds like a fun birthday…but wait no hankies! I have never in my life carried around a hanky, but thanks to teachers day, holidays and birthdays in Korea I now have a whole drawer full 🙂

  • mvt

    I wish I could have celebrated with you, caused some trouble and gotten us thrown in the Korean clink.
    While I’m at this…What is your non-email address there in SoKo? Please send it my way.
    a boy still in his 20’s

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