I got ddong-chimmed today. I had been repeatedly warned about this strange activity by other foreign teachers here, but I never thought I would actually live to experience the magic for myself. Ahh… wrong again. A “ddong-chim” is when a Korean child (usually) clasps his hands together as if praying, but with the forefingers pointing up and pressed together, and then sneaks behind his victim and tries to shove the fingers as far up his/her butt as possible. Loosely translated, the word “ddong” means “shit” and the word “chim” means “needle” — so, “ddong-chim” = shit needle. If you’re having trouble putting this together, or if you just want me to type it out — a Korean child tried to stick his fingers up my butt this afternoon, it was surprising and unpleasant, and I made it very clear that he should never do it again.

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  • Karla

    They do that in Japan too! Here it’s called a “kancho,” or enema. (Strangely, a variation of the word also seems to mean “museum curator.”) I’ve posed for entirely too many group pictures in a “Charlie’s Angels”/kancho pose too. I’ve learned not to turn my back to small children, although it is MUCH MUCH more unpleasant when they try to catch you from the front. Careful about that.

  • sarah

    i’m sorry to hear about that.

  • Egads — and there doesn’t seem to be much of a defense against it! It’s not like you can wear a plastic cup on the butt…

  • Whoa! How’d you find my dong chim page! Weird. I just happened to stumble upon your page and I saw your dong chim comment and it linked to my website! Wow. talk about tripping out. That’s weird.

  • anon

    haha! bro thats funny. i gatta try that to my girfriend one day….. maybe the front one…. prefebly naked aswell.

  • Anonymous

    yo sup

  • Anonymous

    i ddong chimmed ur umma last night… haha… with the front one if u kno wut im saying… the long one…

  • Anonymous

    yo sup

  • Anonymous

    ddooooooooong chiiiiiiiiiiiim!!!!!!!!!
    ooooooo…. I like that word….especially because I am Korean…you better watch out you never know when I might strike..muhahahahaha

  • Brian

    There’s a paucity of web pages detailing this bizarre phenom. Even as a Korean, I find it disturbing, if not hilarious at first.

  • betty

    I’d be in jail for child abuse I’m sure’ if a child ddong_chimmed me I would with out a doubt flatten his ass next time he thought about doing it he see my face.lol

  • If I’d have known this picture would still be floating around Google Image Search in 2017 I’d have uploaded a bigger image size back when I drew it in 2002.

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