I'm a legal alien

I got my Alien Registration Card today (or ARC), which means I am officially a legal alien in South Korea. I’m an alien, I’m a legal alien, I’m an American in Incheon. I know that was stupid, but I couldn’t help myself — that damn song was running through my head all the way to the immigration office this afternoon. You’re fortunate in a way, as I was thinking of coming up with some witty Weird Al lyrics to go with my chorus switcheroo… you should be thankful.

And what a wonderful time to be thankful, at least in America (I’m told that Canada also celebrates Thanksgiving, but I refuse to legitimize such a blatantly co-opted venture.). Aye, Thanksgiving is nigh. Soon the streets of America will become slick with the blood of turkeys, and soon I will go to bed in Korea only to wake up and teach English to Koreans again. Turkey is rare here, but I may go try and score some at a church on Saturday with my Californian friend — Patrik.

I showed one of my classes The Indian in the Cupboard today — it’s the most (only) Thanksgiving related English film that we have at the institute. It’s a pretty horrible film, but it allowed me the opportunity to tell my students that we all keep Indians in cupboards in America, and then watch their faces not know whether to believe me or not.

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  • Kirst

    There is a German word for when songs are stuck in your head…the translation into English is “earworm”. They say to get rid of it just think of Disney’s, “It’s a Small World” because it will replace whatever you have in your head. That is only if that song is more tolerable to you than It’s a Small World. It is probably in your head now just from reading this….so sorry….

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