Today is Thanksgiving in America, and I am homesick. My parents are visiting my sister in San Francisco, and they called me this morning — I only had time to say “Hello. Happy Thanksgiving.” before I had to leave for my early adult class. From that point on, today was a constant struggle to push American Thanksgiving nostalgia out of my head — successfully and unsuccessfully. The farther away we are from a place/thing, the easier it is to idealize it all out of proportion. Not that being home for Thanksgiving wouldn’t be great, but what would about the day after? I can be realistic about it, but it doesn’t help — the loneliness and longing are still there. Tonight I have a bottle of Majuang Red, and I’m thinking of making some wake-up calls before I go to bed. Perhaps you’re on the list.

A student in my adult class gave me some oriental medicine with ginseng and elk antler in it. Ginseng is cool, but elk antler? It tastes terrible, and it is supposed to warm your blood and cleanse your organs or something, but it just gave me gas.

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  • Karla

    Maybe gas is just some organ’s way of cleansing itself.

    I’m homesick too. Damn holidays will be over soon. In the meantime, there’s alcohol! Take care.

  • Rach

    HAPPY THANKSGIVING JEF! We spent the day at the Beifuss’ and had a great time as always, but we missed you. Drank some great wine–Garagetrabiner Rouge, made by Uncle Rob–had some good laughs and all agreed that we are VERY proud of you for doing what you’re doing. I admire youand love you so much. Keep up the good work and come back to the States soon. Sorry the gravy boat had to sail without you.

  • Uncle Joe

    Jeff, Thanksgiving was different without you, your parents and Allison. We still had some laughs and some great wine…I did not bring any of my 15 year old bottled sludge, but we did miss you and your outrageous sense of humor. We are very proud of you and I am sure your experiences will provide a basis for some future opportunity and personal sense of self. Only from all of my experiences (good and bad) have I been able to leap into a new adventure and company. You can not plan your future…you can only outline things that you currently think you want. I , one of the most A Type people I know, am finally understanding that we are continuously provided opportunities, experiences and choices. We have the freedom to choose. Our choices will direct our path to the next set of choices and opportunities. This may seem meaningless and without basis. Please believe that it is actually Life. Enjoy the trip, stop and smell the flowers and garbage cans along the way. All that you learn and experience will assist you tomorrow.

    Well Jeff, I missed you yesterday and look forward to seeing you when your path again relocates you near us. You will be happy to know though that I did drink a glass of wine for you, your parents Allison, Joe and several others that were not here. I had a good time.


    Uncle Joe

  • sarah

    well, i can vouch for and add to the extra wine we drank in the taylor (and mike and joe) family absense! and, though not quite as “ripe” as uncle joe’s attempt at vino, my dad’s was definitely a “fresh” wine. i know you’re upset about missing out on the uncorking of my dad’s vintage, but fear not…there is still PLENTY more where that came from. and more even fermenting as i type. we’ll save you a few dozen cases…

    and we are indeed proud of you for your attempt at a new and different way of life. you legal alien, you!

    and i want you to know, the kids somehow dodged the dreaded dish-washing. interesting.

    you are missed!!!


  • Jef

    Thanks everyone… I feel better now, both because of your comments and because Thanksgiving is over. Hopefully Christmas will be easier, as I’ll be preparing to fly to Israel two days after.

    I’ll be home for Christmas next year, I promise — so save some of the Garagetrabiner & scrape the barnacles off the hull of the gravy boat.

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