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Wow. It is December first — I will be turning thirty in three days. This is staggering information to digest, please give me a moment…

Ok. The nice thing (as I see it) is, were I still in Cleveland for such a milestone birthday, I would feel all sorts of pressure to make it a big birthday with all sorts of bells and whistles and monkeys. Celebrating it here, though, it’s like: I’m in Korea for my thirtieth birthday, any monkeys or whistles or bells that may come along will be sauce. Actually, if I somehow come across a monkey at some point during my birthday, it will be remarkable… bells and whistles, though, that’d just be ok.

Today I went to Seoul with Patrik & Eric, to the part of town near the U.S. Army base — Itaewon. There’s American chain restaurants and Korean souvenir shops, along with tons of clothing stores where you can buy custom made (wool & cashmere) suits and coats for $200 or $300. As you walk down the street, you’re constantly bombarded by Koreans trying to sell you something: “You want new suit?”, “You want jewels for your girlfriend?”, “You like watch?” It’s a bit nutty, and as with most things here, it’s all about the deal. We went to a popular Western restaurant for lunch (not a chain) where I had a cheeseburger, french fries, and a Mountain Dew… was like home for a bit, if not for the faint Korean taste to the fries.

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  • Yikes. I’ll be turning 30 in Japan next summer. Let us know how it goes. I too am strangely grateful that it will be here (Japan), not there (Texas), for pretty much the same reason.

    Monkeys we got. Now, a tanuki, that would really be something…

    Have a great birthday.

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