devil Soju

Last night I ended up at Amit’s apartment drinking Soju and watching South Park until four in the morning. Was fun — there’s some pictures in the new people I know album. Alas, that devil Soju takes its revenge the day after, so today has been unfortunate.

Also in the people I know album are pictures from the Thanksgiving dinner I went to earlier tonight with Eric and Patrik. It was at one of the many Christian churches here in San Gok Dong, and was essentially put together for their English-speaking Fellowship and their friends. There were about fifty or sixty people there, out of which only about ten were (or appeared to be) non-Korean. The food was surprisingly good and accurate — turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy (alas, no gravy boat), stuffing, cranberry sauce, and even pumpkin pie. The atmosphere was refreshingly warm, which I suppose is something that I should expect from a Christian church, but I was surprised at how comforting I found it.

I’ve also added some photos to the Incheon and J.F.L.I. albums, for your viewing pleasure.

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