a little concernedism

So I got paid on Thursday, and then I proceeded to pay for my ticket to Israel. I’m beginning to be a little concerned with the fact that I’ll be on a Turkish Airlines flight from Istanbul to Tel Aviv. Is that the goal of terrorism? Making people like me “a little concerned?” Wouldn’t that be called a little concernedism? Har har har! I’m actually terrified. Har har har! Ahh, the world’s a big fun place to be running around in these days.

Drinks at the Goose Goose again last night — that place is fun, and then a little annoying. When people find out I’ve only been here a month, they inevitably start to fill me with the wisdom of their eight months, or two years, or one and a half months… people enjoy feeling knowledgable, I understand this, but please spare me. Also, I find guys who are absolutely fixated on picking up women a little unsettling, and there’s quite a bit of that going around at the Goose Goose. Cheap & strong drink, though, which helps one not notice all the minor annoyances until the next morning when one is writing in one’s blog.

I found out a coupla days ago that my former employer, Second City Cleveland, is closing its doors on January 3rd. This has been an inevitability for quite some time now — the producer defines incompetence, and has been running the place into the ground since it opened — but it still comes as an unfortunate surprise. That theatre was a good thing for Cleveland, and it was a huge part of my life there, and now it’s all over. I left town at exactly the right time, it would seem, although it would have been fun to be there at the bitter end… free drinks and all.

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  • Anonymous

    I thought the idea of the Goose was to NOT talk shop and forget what we do Monday to Friday. I would much rather discuss anything other than teaching there because it is the only place where one CAN have a conversation with multisylabic words and not sound like a trained parrot.
    I agree the constant search for women is a little unsettling if only because what about those of us who just want to meet as many people from around the world as possible? We get lumped in with the sex-hounds and everyone puts up their defences. From the women to the men who think we are moving in on their turf. I prefer talking to the likes of Simon, Eric, Rachel, Lisa and so on who are just there.
    Love the site; simple, elegent and straightforward I am seriously considering following your lead and use this place for my sight but I have a question, do you have to post everyday?

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