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Goose Goose

Against my better judgement, I ventured out last night to find Goose Goose — the Incheon expat bar. There’s really no addresses or street names to speak of in Korea, so I had gotten directions to the bar from Dave’s ESL Cafe. The directions were from Bupyeong Station, and Jason told me that Bupyeong Station was only about a 20-25 minute walk from the apartment, so I looked at a map and set out on foot. Within fifteen minutes I was fairly lost, so I flagged down a taxi and had him drive me to the station for 2200 won ($2).

The area around Bupyeong Station is a very lively nightlife area in Incheon, and since this was a Saturday night it was particularly lively — people everywhere, lights everywhere, sound everwhere. I followed the directions, which used a Starbucks and a Baskin-Robbins as landmarks, and after a few wrong turns I finally found Goose Goose.

The bar looked mostly like a bar one would see in America, excepting that it was mostly full of Koreans. There was a bar surrounded by barstools, a big room full of tables and chairs, and a few bartenders/waiters bringing drinks/beer to and fro. I sat at the bar and ordered a drink from the Kiwi (see: New Zealander) bartender, who immediately introduced himself and asked if I’d like to meet some of his friends. He took me to a table near the bar and introduced me to the only three other white people in the bar — two Canadians (Eric & Kevin), and a Brit (Simon). I hung out and talked with them for most of the night — they’re all teachers, and they’ve all been teaching here for at least a year, so they were good to talk to about the ins and outs of living in Korea. We exchanged phone numbers and they invited me to their weekly Wednesday dinner get-together, and told me that they were at the Goose Goose quite a bit… so, yeah, I’m glad I know some people here now.

Today I feel a bit sick again, however, so while I’m not regretting my trip to the Goose Goose last night, I am regretting my third drink. In any case, I’m not going to go to Seoul for a digital camera today — I think I might just go back to Bupyeong Station and try and get one from one of the stores there. With any luck, my next post will have a picture of my “I Love Animal Dog” mug.

better or worse

I haven’t done much with this weekend so far — I spent last night at home talking to Israel on the telephone and watching America on TV, and today I left the house for about an hour so Mr. ___ could buy me lunch, but since then I’ve just been cleaning my apartment and surfing the internet. I am now feeling mostly better, so am thinking of heading out tonight to try and find this “Goose Goose” expat bar that I’ve heard so much about. Maybe. Tomorrow I want to go to Seoul to buy a digital camera at the Yongsan Electronics Market — I need a new toy to lift this strange mood I find myself in.

A valid question to ask myself at this point seems to be: What am I doing in South Korea? Yes, I’m living here and working as an English teacher, and making a decent amount of money while I’m at it, but what’ll I do next? Is this leading to anything? Will I ever figure out what I want to do with my life, or will my life just become a series of searches? And if I had a digital camera to play with, would I just substitute this paragraph with a picture of my “I Love Animal Dog” mug? Yeah, strange mood… there it is.

You may notice that I also spent some time today changing the look of this site — the lavender color is finally gone. Let me know if this is better or worse.

Tucson photos

I finally got all the Tucson photos up, feel free to criticize my uninspired labelling. CLICK HERE, or down and to the left.

dead in a month

My first week as an English teacher has come to an end, and in good time. Although my cold/sore throat seems to have subsided a bit, I am still completely exausted and in dire need of a weekend of rest. Thus far, teaching is stressful and hard, and I am desperately hoping that it will get easier as the weeks go by. If it doesn’t, I will likely be dead in a month.

I’m listening to the sound of gunshots wafting over from the Korean military base across the street. Did I mention that I live across the street from a Korean military base? I do. It’s pretty interesting and unusual, and then it’s a little bit unsettling — I don’t know if I should be getting used to the sound of gunshots and sirens and marching soldiers.

I’m at a loss for more words.

one week

I have been in South Korea for one week today, although it feels as if I have been in South Korea for one month. Not that I would trade this week for anything — this has been one of the most difficult yet remarkable weeks I have ever experienced. I’m growing, or something… god help me, I’m growing.

My throat is absolutely raw with pain, and I have to go back to school and talk for another hour at 8:30. Mr. ___ thinks I haven’t been eating enough, which really isn’t true, so he keeps offering to buy me food. It’s funny, and then it’s a bit irritating — if I’m not eating enough now, I’ve apparently never eaten enough. Something like that.

I am sick

Either I am getting sick or I am sick. most likely both. The weather here suddenly turned cold yesterday, and my sore throat from last night isn’t going away. I’m tired as hell, and I have two more conversation classes left today… my throat is not going to be happy. I read on Dave’s ESL Cafe somewhere that everyone gets a cold within a week of getting to Korea, looks like I made it just under the wire.

Despite of my feeling like hell, my classes went ok today. I’ve started trying out some new ideas with the kids, some of which work and some of which fail, but I feel like I’m slowly getting the hang of the teaching part of Korea. Now I just need to figure out how to order a pizza, and I’ll be all set.

1000th hit

This morning at about 4:30 a.m. (Korea time) “Land of the Anxious Dog” got its 1000th hit. This morning when I woke up I had a sore throat. Coincidence? I don’t think so.