I am a skinny person

My voice didn’t come back today, so I wasn’t able to teach. I only went in for my afternoon classes, and I just sat in on them and didn’t say much of anything — I couldn’t say much of anything. I was supposed to have three hour-long adult conversation classes tonight, but they were all either rescheduled or just cancelled. Mr. ___ seemed a bit stressed out about the whole thing, but Mr. ___ seems a bit stressed out about most things, and what am I going to do — I lost my voice.

I’d like to preface the following remarks by saying that Mr. ___ is a very nice guy who has gone out of his way to make my first few weeks here in Korea go smoothly. I feel bad saying anything negative about him at all, but the time has come and I must…

Those of you who know me personally know that I am skinny, and those of you who don’t know now — I am a skinny person, I have always been a skinny person, and I will probably always be a skinny person. Being skinny does not mean I am unhealthy, it simply means that I am skinny. Since I have been here in Korea, Mr. ___ will not stop obsessing about how I am skinny therefore I must not be eating well therefore I must be unhealthy therefore I should eat much more and excercise or I will be a bad teacher. For a few days, it was nice to have someone show such concern for me and buy me food, but now it’s just getting annoying. Every day he asks me if I’ve “taken food,” or tells me that I should buy long underwear so I will be warm enough. I try and explain to him that I have always been skinny, and that I am eating just fine, and that Cleveland gets just as cold as Incheon in the winter. But Mr. ___ refuses to believe it, and seems to continue to believe that I was once a very muscular man who ate ten meals a day and wasn’t exposed to the concept of “cold” until just this week. Even now that I have lost my voice — I feel perfectly healthy, and I told Mr. ___ the same, but he still took me to the pharmacy and bought me three different medicines this afternoon. I am hoping that once I get my voice back and am, more or less, healthy again, that he will stop this incessant badgering behavior. Otherwise my head may explode because I am so skinny.

5 comments to I am a skinny person

  • Sammy

    He sounds like a mother trying to take care of his children.

  • mom

    Long underwear could make you look heavier – perhaps you need padding – – not food.

  • beth

    do we need to add Koreans onto the list of “eat! eat! eat!” cultures?

    smile and nod, smile and nod.

  • Jef

    The ironic thing is, Mr. Cho is one of the heaviest people I have seen in Korea thus far — you should see some of the stuff he puts in his body. I went grocery shopping with him last week, and he came up to the register with a cart full of desserts and snack food. But I’m unhealthy because I’m skinny.

  • korean by blood

    hahah this is great… reading about white people experiencing koreanness to the fullest…

    Its funny to see how you whitepeople feel so offended and putoff… its a culture misunderstanding… Koreans have an obsession with eating and healthyness… In the U.S. if your chubby… you could lose a few pounds. In korea chubby is the ideal. I’m also born to be skinny. I eat the worst food, and I dont put on weight. My mom has been yelling at me to eat more for all 20 years of my life… My mom can out-Mr.Cho any day. when I get sick, (about once a year) my mom screams at me its my fault for not eating enough. If I have a runny nose—not eating enough. If i have a strained quad muscle from track practice— yup not eating enough. Theres nothing you can do to convince a traditional korean that being naturally skinny is perfectly healthy, if not healthier, than a chubby person. If I were you, I’d wear layers of baggy clothes and lots of white and other stuff to make your self look thicker…

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