Hanwha Mart

Teaching went a bit better today. I felt more at ease with most of the students, and I went in with a bit more preparation, so things fell into place fairly well. Among other things: I played “Simon Says” with the Kindergartners, I reviewed/taught (very big) numbers to my Primary School students, and I tried desperately to get most of my Middle School conversation students to talk. My sore throat is mostly gone, but now so is my voice.

I went grocery shopping at Hanwha Mart after work. Hanwha Mart is the Super K-Mart of South Korea, with everything from computers to socks to live anchovies to a whole aisle of ramen noodles. It’s a very large and very confusing place — you have to walk through an entire floor of clothes in order to get to the sloped moving walkway that takes you to the food area, and I still don’t know exactly how I ended up getting out of there. Koreans apparently have a thing for Vienna sausages — I saw them in an unsettling number of places in that store, in an even more unsettling array of shapes and sizes. Unfortunately, Koreans apparently don’t have a thing for real cheese — lots and lots of processed American slices, absolutely no actual cheddar or swiss.

3 comments to Hanwha Mart

  • Kirst

    Loving the site….I’m addicted to it….checking it daily… What a charming escape from my monotonous corporate existence. Now that there are pictures, I couldn’t be any closer to the experience if I was even closer to the experience. How about some picks of the rest of the apartment?

  • Kirst

    pictures of the vienna sausage too please…..

  • Jef

    Ah… it’s illegal to photograph Vienna sausages in South Korea.

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